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Success Stories

If you are considering a visit to Nottingham Chiropractor, then you can review the video testimonials of other satisfied patients below.

Sarah, a football coach for the FA, came to the clinic with shoulder pain. After treatment she found she was able to play football better and her headaches and migraines improved.

Steve had a course of 12 intensive treatments to resolve his longstanding pain in his hamstring from sciatica.

Pat had suffered from severe back pain for 20 years. Despite initial scepticism about Chiropractic, through treatment he made great improvements in function and relieved his pain.

Linda lost movement in her neck and found it difficult to reverse her car into the drive.

Simon experienced increased stiffness and pain in his shoulders and hips, and spasm in his back, through playing Badminton. After treatment he gained significant relief and allows him to do everything he wants in his day-to-day life without taking drugs.

Ian struggled with back pain, leg pain, and neck pain from driving and sitting at work.

David struggled with back pain, leg pain, disc and bowel problems.

Elaine had stiffness in her neck from computer work and had reduced hip mobility.

Steve, a chartered engineer, has had back problems for many years and he was hospitalised by back pain.

Keith hurt his back and wasn’t sure if he could continue working.

Chris had suffered from neck and shoulder pain for 3 years.

Abigail stopped using strong, headache painkillers after a course of treatments.

William had low back pain after playing football.

Richard is exercising again after having low pack pain problems for some time.

Barbara had problems with her back for over 20 years, after treatment she joined a Keep Fit class.

Chris has been a doorman for most of his life, injured on the job when he was young. His neck was grinding and he couldn’t turn his head.

Steve’s right arm became “paralysed” after heavy lifting, he has recovered 100%.

Nick had a leg length difference, back pain and knee pain.

Elsie had general neck aches and low back pains, she now feels fitter and much more comfortable.

David had back and hip problems, after a course of treatments he feels 100%.

Elizabeth had chronic back pain for years.

Rachel suffered with migraines for 10 years.

Due to her back pain and sciatica, Manjit could not stand up for more than 10 minutes at a time.

Sheila suffered from leg pains, she was considering undergoing surgery to fix her problem.

Glenn came to the clinic with a severe back problem.

Bev suffered from headaches and migraines.

Bob was devastated at developing lower back pain as he thought it meant the end to his long walks in the countryside.

Gill had neck problems, lower back stiffness particularly first thing in the morning, and struggled to bend down to pick things up.

Chloe had daily headaches for over 3 years and ongoing back ache and neck ache.

John thought his working days were over, he could hardly walk.

Roger, as part of his job, worked long hours in front of a computer, and developed back pain.

Maureen had a painful ankle, back trouble and knee problems.

Thomas came in with hand and back problems.

Pat works in an office environment and developed neck problems that affected her driving.