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What patients of Nottingham Chiropractor have to say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice.  Review a selection of Nottingham Chiropractor’s patient testimonials below and, if you have any questions, please call us on 0115 974 3312 or use the Email Chiropractor link at the bottom of this page.

I look forward to seeing you soon

Dr. Bryon Sanders

Bit the Bullet


Phil, March 2013

A friend recommended ‘Chiro’ for my spondylosis. I was dubious, but after several weeks I ‘bit the bullet’.
I’m so glad I did, the guidance and therapy vastly improves my condition. Bryon is always ready to explain and advise how to make things better!

Enjoying the Newsletter



Bryon, Good messages in this newsletter, which reinforces what has happened to me since attending the clinic. I gave up dieting just over a year ago; I had been on every conceivable diet including Atkins and not only put weight back on but got fatter each time. I have now lost three stone, as you are aware by eating what I always ate – good healthy food, but separating carbs from fats. I believe this has also improved my immune system together with the Chiropractic adjustments, as I feel so well that sometimes I am buzzing with energy and health.
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However, I may have picked up or misread a message in one of the website articles in the past which confused me for a while – because I actually enjoy coming to clinic and each adjustment gives me immediate relief and wellbeing, I began to think I might be getting hooked on it! Reading the last newsletter and this one the articles makes more sense in that somewhere it actually says that even if you feel okay (i.e. have no pain or specific problem) you should still have an adjustment because it helps your body to work properly. I was feeling that it was like going to the doctor when you are well! Now I know that it still helps me to keep feeling well and the increase in my energy level is proof of this. I no longer feel guilty when I come bounding in for my adjustment. So thanks for the messages in this and the last newsletter articles, makes a lot of sense.

One leg shorter than the other



‘I’m a 39 year old teacher who runs an after-school tuition centre. For some 21 years, I have suffered from hip and knee pain, brought on (I was told originally) by my right leg being shorter than the left. Regular visits have relieved a great deal of the pain. By coming back at regular intervals, I am able to detect the strength in my leg increasing.’

Holding Back The Years



I am a female patient, who works full time in a very busy Facilities Management position, which means I need to be active, which is not easy when you are ‘holding back the years’.  I have experienced pain in my hips, shoulders and neck following a car accident a number of years ago.  At times, particularly in my  job, I experience ‘flare-ups’ of more significant pain.  I visit the chiropractor regularly – sometimes quite frequent visits (at times of particular pain) to manage my problem in a way no area of the NHS could.