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Overall very happy with the service provided!

Richard, December 2017

Richard, December 2017

I am a reasonably fit and healthy person who does a lot of sport. I visited Bryon after having a back injury that I believe is a result of lifting weights. The painful area was the lower/ middle back on my right side, I often woke up in the morning in pain.

Since visiting Bryon I feel looser in general and the flexibility in areas such as my hips has really improved. I now visit Bryon once a month to maintain the progress I have made.



Ben, May 2016

Very impressed with the work we have done!

I’m a 23 year old pro-golfer. Before working with Bryon I always had back
niggles and aches, which also lead onto having hip and knee issues. It came
to the point where the maintenance I was doing wasn’t making my back any

After the first session with Bryon I had come to realise how bad the
condition of my spine was. The sessions had an immediate impact on my
health. To be completely honest I didn’t know what to expect but I am very
impressed with the work we have done.