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“Slipped” Disc Talk

Slipped disc option6
“The general public are not well-informed on the topic of “slipped” discs. Many of us unknowingly injure ourselves as we have not been taught how discs can become damaged, let alone how to avoid this damage.”

In this informative talk, we want to provide you with the information to make better decisions to manage your back and disc pain, so that you can avoid these in the future or have an effective solution to keep your problem under control.

Many solutions to back and disc problems involve an invasive approach such as surgery. At Nottingham Chiropractor we provide a more conservative approach to back and disc pain, leaving surgical intervention as the last option of management.

In “What causes a “Slipped” disc?”, we cover the following topics, plus a Q&A session at the end to address your concerns and questions:

  • The extent of the problem in the UK
  • Know your anatomy: the classification and types of disc injuries
  • Why we have “slipped” discs
  • How to herniate a disc: movements and exercises that damage your discs
  • The implication of low back surgery
  • Understanding sciatica: how sciatica is related to disc damage
  • Patient stories: hear what our patients’ have to say

Please click on the images below to see sample slides from the talk.

Our aim is to explain and simplify the causes of back and disc pain and find a solution to your problem.