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Nottingham ~ Your Second Visit

Report of Findings

On your report visit we explain what we found and how we may be able to help you.

On your second visit Dr Sanders, after reviewing the findings from your Examination and Posture Screen will give you a REPORT explaining why you have a problem. The interconnectedness of joints and muscles in the whole body and how this affects your problem will also be discussed with you.

The Treatment Plan

A plan of visits will be recommended to you with the intention of relieving your symptoms as quickly as possible by correcting your body’s imbalances.

If  we can help you and you accept the proposed treatment plan you will be able to commence your course with your first treatment immediately.

Every visit you will receive practical information as handouts helping you to understand the nature of spinal problems, and a series of safe spinal exercises. At Nottingham Chiropractor our emphasis is on prevention rather than cure, so we find it important to help you understand what caused your problem so that you can avoid and prevent it in the future.

We hold Spinal Health talks every two weeks in the clinic which you as a patient, and a guest, will be eligible to attend.