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Regular Visits at Nottingham Chiropractor

Avoid relapse with regular visits.

On a regular treatment visit you are welcome to discuss any outstanding matters on your mind – we are keen to invite your questions to improve your understanding. After the investment of time needed on the first and second visits a typical regular visit will usually only require around 10 minutes but this will depend on your particular problem. Each visit builds on the one before as the process of re-aligning your spine continues.

Monitoring Your Progress

Your progress will be continually monitored visit to visit and then objectively measured by a review examination. At this time you will complete a feedback form. Anonymous copies of all feedback forms are made available in the clinic and on the website (Results) for other patients to read.

In the longer term, we repeat the Posture Screen Analysis so that you can compare how you are with how you used to look.

The Primary Aim

The primary aim on a regular visit is of course the treatment. We provide fast, efficient and effective service since at certain times of the day we see many patients. However we will not hurry unduly and if the need arises sometimes a small wait can be inevitable when another patient’s needs require it.