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New Year Upgrade - Thinking well

Thinking well is a very broad topic, encapsulating many aspects of our life including:

  • our thoughts themselves
  • the ways in which we think
  • how we think about and deal with stress and pain
  • and the ways that we “decompress” or “switch off” after using our brains

Meditation is one of many ways to “decompress” our brains after a tough, busy day. Think of it as a way of giving back to your body what you spent during the day. Now it is the 21st century, with technology advancing at a greater rate than any other time in history, everything is moving so much faster! So we now all have busy, stressful days, but do we all deal with this, do you switch off and give yourself the chance to reset?


We essentially have two energetic systems in our body, the sympathetic drive and the parasympathetic drive of the nervous system. The sympathetic drive of your nervous system is known commonly as “fight-or-flight” mode. The parasympathetic drive of your nervous system could be described as “rest-and-digest”. The vast majority of us spend far too much time in the “fight-or-flight” mode, and not enough time in the “rest-and-digest” mode, we think that just sleeping will be enough rest without considering that during the waking day we can influence our physiology towards the “rest-and-digest” mode.

Influence your body’s physiology to release calming chemicals:

There are many ways to meditate/switch off, experiment a bit and pick a style that works for you. Here are a few options below to get you started.

Remember, the goal isn’t to do or achieve anything but switch off and calm your whole body including your mind. It will help you to step back from the stress, the emotions, the mind chatter, and not get so involved in it all when you don’t want to.

A simple set of audio mp3’s you can put on your mp3 player / smart phone / iPhone:

Stop, Breathe, & Think available for iOS, Android, and online:


Signs of pain disappeared from MRI images of the brain when freshly trained novices meditated.

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