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New Year Upgrade - Moving well

The Aeroplane

The Aeroplane is a simple exercise to improve balance and stability through your spine and trunk, and in particular strengthen your gluteal muscles, which are often weak due to long hours of sitting.

1. Fingertips on the floor, standing leg slightly bent at the knee, stretch out floating leg, keep the pelvis in line. Your core will automatically stabilise.


2. Arms out straight with knee bent


3. The full aeroplane: slowly straighten knee to as far as you are comfortable whilst maintaining balance.


This is a very strong advanced exercise for the spine and the legs. A less advanced/easier method, but still highly effective, can be done with your arms stretched forwards on a tabletop or kitchen top for support.

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  1. Roger says
    Jan 04, 2015 at 8:44 AM

    Ah you make it look so easy Bryon!

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