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Nottingham Chiropractor | Neck Pain

  • Regular manipulation by the chiropractor generally keeps my neck and back in working order.

  • I have less pain. . . I am standing up a lot straighter and feel taller.

  • I was having severe headaches 3 or 4 times per week and did not have much mobility in the neck.  After several treatments I found I was getting more supple and had far more energy allowing me to start sports again.

    - Alan

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My neck is improved 90%!

Stephen, April 2018

Stephen, April 2018

I am 63 years old and I worked at ‘Boots the Chemist’ for nearly 25 years.

I live locally with my wife and I like football, cricket, 70’s music and am now an avid collector.

My neck was in a bad way when I started seeing Bryon in 2009. It is now improved 90% which is pretty good I feel.

Much more mobility in neck

Alison, December 2017

I am a reasonably fit and healthy retired teacher, I leisurely play tennis and cycle.

I began to get pain in my lower back and moving down in to the left leg, I also had decreased mobility in my neck and back.

After treatment with Bryon I now have much more mobility in my neck and about 90% improvement to pain in my lower back. I also have increased flexibility.

Neck pain connected to back


Claire, Feb 2017

My name is Claire. I have been coming to Nottingham Chiropractic Clinic since summer 2013. I knew that I had always had pain in my neck, chest and knees, but I had not connected this with my back problems.

On my first appointment Bryon took photographs to document my existing posture. It was the first time I had noticed the way I stand and was a real light bulb moment.

The treatment then involved a device which is used to gently tap the bones, moving the joint to a better position and breaking up tension in the muscles.

Three years on and the neck pain has pretty much gone, and my posture is much closer to the ‘normal’ than before. I now come monthly and I love that I can see and feel the treatment working.

Regular manipulation by the chiropractor generally keeps my neck and back in working order


Pat, Feb 2014

I am a 62 year old woman, just retired from a secretarial job after 25 years – mostly spent in front of a computer. 30 years ago I trapped a nerve in my neck and initially was put on traction.

This Caused an on-going and recurring problem, especially when doing a lot of driving. Neither hospital nor physiotherapists seemed to be able to make much difference and it wasn’t until I visited a chiropractor that I gained any lasting relief.

I also slipped down stairs and hurt my coccyx, which caused recurrent lower back pain. Regular manipulation by the chiropractor generally keeps my neck and back in working order with little pain and any problems that do arise are soon sorted.

Standing Straighter


Sophie, Feb 2014

My name is Sophie I’m 19 years old and I’m a student at the University of Nottingham. I had back problems for years. I had a very hunched posture, which caused a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I also had sciatica in my lower, left back, which caused pain in my leg also.

Now, after 13 visits, I am standing up a lot straighter and feel taller. I have less pain in both my upper and lower back, but it is not completely gone so I continue to go for visits in the hope that I can become completely pain-free.

I couldn’t lift my neck up to look straight ahead

Jean, Age 70

Jean, March 2015

I was finding it increasingly difficult to lift my head up and my chin was falling to my chest.

I was referred to a physiotherapist and psychologist and then to a consultant spinal surgeon and diagnosed with camptocormia, an unexplained condition when the spinal muscles weaken and cannot hold the head up.

X-rays revealed degeneration in my lower cervical spine.

The surgeon suggested that the condition would likely deteriorate further and recommended ‘internal scaffolding’ of rods and screws to keep my head upright.

I should like to add that I first met Bryon when my husband John was receiving treatment for his back, and John asked Bryon if he would consider helping me, to which Bryon replied that he would do all he could. My head and neck by this time were rather misshapen and the photo of my side view showed “head on chest”.

I consider how fortunate I have been to meet Bryon and to come each week for my treatment. I also have a short series of exercises which I follow at home. I have seen Bryon for 7 months now, resulting in quite a considerable improvement to my neck and my alignment. I may never be completely upright, or pain free, but I am satisfied that I can now stand and see the horizon – a big leap forward for me!! May it continue!

As part of the chiropractic examination we perform a Posture Screen Analysis to look for elements in posture that can be corrected and measure the improvement, here are Jean’s impressive results below:

Feels substantially better


Richard, March 2015

62 Years old – Pawn Broker

The problems that brought me to seek professional help was severe neck pain and lack of movement, coupled with pain and limitations in the use of my arms and hands.

I found Bryon to be thoroughly professional and supportive with the problems I had and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or colleagues.

To quote a phrase; “he does what it says on the tin”. I feel substantially better.