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Neck Pain & Headaches Talk

breaking free from neck pain headaches man

“There are numerous causes of neck pain & headaches, many of which will not be resolved by simply popping a painkiller pill.”

In this informative talk, we want to provide you with the information to make better decisions to manage your neck pain and headaches, so that you can avoid these in the future or have an effective solution to keep your problem under control.

Many solutions to neck pain & headaches involve analgesics (or painkillers), a stronger painkiller is often used if a weaker one does not work. However, this merely patches up the problem and does not address and resolve the root cause of neck pain and headaches.

In “Breaking free from your Neck pain & Headaches”, we cover the following topics, plus a Q&A session at the end to address your concerns and questions:

  • The extent of the problem in the UK
  • Know your headache: the classification and types of headaches
  • Where headaches come from
  • The role of medication
  • Whiplash injuries and car accidents
  • Neck pain & headaches: source vs symptoms
  • Patient stories: hear what our patients’ have to say

Please click on the images below to see sample slides from the talk.

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Our aim is to explain and simplify the causes of neck pain & headaches and find a solution to your problem.