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Martin, September 2017

Martin, September 2017

Less pain and more movement

I am a property developer and I play football in my spare time, I first visited The Nottingham Chiropractor with hip, lower back, knee, calf and heel pain. I now attend the clinic on a monthly basis and have less pain, more movement and my knee is much better!



Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Having spent the last twenty years behind a computer I had developed a very hunched posture resulting in very painful neck, back, shoulders and chest, until I couldn’t really focus on doing any work at all because it was so painful. In the end I decided I had to get some help and remembered having seen a Chiropractor when I lived down south who had helped me. So I searched locally and found Bryon Sanders at Cedar Chiropractic in Ruddington, Nottingham and made an appointment.

That was back in 2003 and Bryon helped me to get my back pain under control through a series of initial visits over about 3 months, and now I just have maintenance sessions every 3 to 6 months. As a result of treatments with Bryon I am pain free once again and have full movement of my neck, back, shoulders and hips, even though I still work behind a computer(albeit standing up these days!).

I would recommend Bryon to anyone suffering with similar conditions, and in fact a lot of my friends and family have also seen Bryon with excellent results.



Great Improvement

Pain in my right hip is much better! I had been having pains in my neck for over a year and this continued into problems with pains in my right leg and hip. I have noticed a great improvement in my right hip, it is much better.

I can sit now with very little pain which was a problem that limited me before. I still visit Bryon once a month for treatment to improve my neck.

Barbara Banfield


I can move much better

I am a 52 year old woman who walks at least two hours a day and also plays golf regularly, I visited the Nottingham Chiropractor due to a sore hip and lower back pain.

I have noticed improvements in that I can move better, especially in my lower back; my pain has reduced by 70% and my mobility has improved by 90%.



I consider my visits as important as my fitness training

I started seeing Bryon for a number of years following an injury to my hip and lower back. After a few visits I was significantly in less pain. I am now relatively pain free and continue to see Bryon on a monthly basis.

I consider my visits as important as my fitness training for both my physical and emotional wellbeing. I value the maintenance treatments and consultation visits on other aspects of my chiropractic care.

Photo of Helen H.


I am very impressed…

I am married with two grown up sons and worked as a Dental Receptionist/Secretary. I have experienced Back and knee pain for several years and physio was no longer having any effect. Recently knee and hip pain were having an effect on my ability to enjoy walking and gardening. My overall posture has improved which has led to a 90% increased mobility in my right hip and knee and my left hip and knee have improved by 90% too.

I am very impressed with the way the team and the procedures work making me feel relaxed and the staff are very professional and friendly.



I can move freely once again.

For over ten years I suffered from poor maneuverability, poor posture, shoulder and back pain; now after just a few weeks the pain is gone and I can move freely once again. I highly recommend Nottingham Chiropractor.


John, March 2013

Shoulder, Neck and Lower Back – I find after treatment I feel more relaxed. It certainly helps with my ailments and keeps me more mobile to carry on with my daily visits to the gym and hobbies that I do.

Caroline, June 2016

Caroline, June 2016

I am a semi-retired teacher who started visiting the Nottingham Chiropractor because I was unable to bear weight on my right leg occassionally and was becoming anxious about walking long distances.

The acute pain has disappeared completely. My back definitely feels more flexible and my posture has improved. I have also been given good exercises to further strengthen my muscles, I never feel now as though my leg wouldn’t bear my weight. I have largely reached my goal but come every month to maintain my improved pain and mobility.

Mark, February 2017

Mark, February 2017

Sleeping More Comfortably!

The care is great! I am a hard working, desk bound, generally stressed family man. I developed a stiff back which caused multiple areas of pain and began to effect my sleep. I completed the initial recommended 12 sessions with Nottingham Chiropractor and already the pain is more manageable, I can find more comfortable positions to sleep in; the care itself is great!
I have now become a Chiroplan patient and will visit the clinic monthly to help manage my stiff back.

Ann, May 2016

Ann, May 2016

Should have gone sooner!

I am 59 years old and had been in pain for 5 years before getting help for my back. I now wish I had gotten help sooner!

I had a trapped nerve in my lower back which was giving me acute pain, making it painful to walk, sit or sleep.

At first I wasn’t sure what to expect as I did not know what chiropractor’s did but this has been the only treatment method that has worked.
I now feel so much better and am able to walk freely and sleep, making day to day life a lot happier.

Don’t Let Money Stop You


Richard, March 2013

I went to one of Bryon’s free talks about lower back pain as I have suffered since being a teenager. Found out I had a severe alignment problem. I was sceptical for treatment due to age (early 30’s) and expense, however after just a years treatment I only have one a month and my back is fine. I would pay twice over now. Don’t let money stop you from having treatment.



Neck pain connected to back

My name is Claire. I have been coming to Nottingham Chiropractic Clinic since summer 2013. I knew that I had always had pain in my neck, chest and knees, but I had not connected this with my back problems. On my first appointment Bryon took photographs to document my existing posture. It was the first time I had noticed the way I stand and was a real light bulb moment. The treatment then involved a device which is used to gently tap the bones, moving the joint to a better position and breaking up tension in the muscles. Three years on and the neck pain has pretty much gone, and my posture is much closer to the ‘normal’ than before. I now come monthly and I love that I can see and feel the treatment working.

Claire Before and After

Posture Screen – Before & After



“Now aged 63 and retired after 40 years as a teacher and an active sportsman. Married with 2 grown up daughters and a granddaughter. I came to the practice suffering with back and neck problems which had been caused by numerous sports injuries over many years. I was having severe headaches 3 or 4 times per week and did not have much mobility in the neck. I had had to curtail or stop most of my sporting activities because of this. After several treatments I found I was getting more supple and had far more energy allowing me to start sports again. read more»

I am again very active – gardening, walking, biking and again enjoying DIY activities. Of the two treatments I have for my arthritis, the medication does have unpleasant side effects for which for I have to take more tablets, whereas there are no unpleasant side effects with Chiropractic treatment. As I tend to overdo things it is important to get Bryon to keep me supple and I therefore see him on a monthly basis. My wife is also a patient and our eldest daughter has decided to seek help.”

Standing Straighter



My name is Sophie I’m 19 years old and I’m a student at the University of Nottingham. I had back problems for years. I had a very hunched posture, which caused a lot of pain in my neck, shoulders and upper back. I also had sciatica in my lower, left back, which caused pain in my leg also.

Now, after 13 visits, I am standing up a lot straighter and feel taller. I have less pain in both my upper and lower back, but it is not completely gone so I continue to go for visits in the hope that I can become completely pain-free.

I couldn’t lift my neck up to look straight ahead

Jean, Age 70

Jean, Age 70

I was finding it increasingly difficult to lift my head up and my chin was falling to my chest.

I was referred to a physiotherapist and psychologist and then to a consultant spinal surgeon and diagnosed with camptocormia, an unexplained condition when the spinal muscles weaken and cannot hold the head up.

X-rays revealed degeneration in my lower cervical spine.

The surgeon suggested that the condition would likely deteriorate further and recommended ‘internal scaffolding’ of rods and screws to keep my head upright.

I should like to add that I first met Bryon when my husband John was receiving treatment for his back, and John asked Bryon if he would consider helping me, to which Bryon replied that he would do all he could. My head and neck by this time were rather misshapen and the photo of my side view showed “head on chest”.

I consider how fortunate I have been to meet Bryon and to come each week for my treatment. I also have a short series of exercises which I follow at home. I have seen Bryon for 7 months now, resulting in quite a considerable improvement to my neck and my alignment. I may never be completely upright, or pain free, but I am satisfied that I can now stand and see the horizon – a big leap forward for me!! May it continue!

As part of the chiropractic examination we perform a Posture Screen Analysis to look for elements in posture that can be corrected and measure the improvement, here are Jean’s impressive results below:

Posture Screen

Posture Screen – Before & After