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Nottingham Chiropractor Bryon Sanders

I Chose Chiropractic Care through Desperation

oo1 bryonI became a chiropractic patient in my early 30’s.  At that time I worked as a Valuation Surveyor in West London and covered around 45000 miles a year in the car.Gradually I developed low back pain and neck pain and already experienced headaches from the age of 10 after head trauma.  I felt great relief from my chiropractic visits, so much so that I decided on a career change and enrolled on the 5 year full time course at the AECC in Bournemouth.

The Benefits of Chiropractic Are Important

I see chiropractic as a way to utilise the bodies own healing capacity which works amazingly well when many other approaches have failed.

Often results are very rapid, but sometimes can be slow when it takes time and persistence to get to the desired outcome.  In these cases patience will get you there and the benefits will be lasting.

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