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How to Sleep Better in 30 Minutes

Most people have difficulty sleeping from time to time, but this can become more often than we would have wanted.

What stops me from sleeping well?

Sleep is an important aspect of our lives, it refreshes our minds and bodies, ready for us to tackle the day ahead of us.

At Nottingham Chiropractor, we recognise that sleep has a big impact on our lives. When we get into a poor sleep pattern, we don’t get enough restorative sleep and this has the potential to amplify our pain, anxieties, and make us feel more low if we are feeling depressed. Luckily there is a solution to improve the way that you sleep, so that you get the best out of a good AND a bad night’s sleep.

Everybody can sleep badly some of the time. Some people sleep badly all of the time. Sometimes we can be deceived as to how much sleep we’ve had. It seems like we’re awake for ages but actually we got a lot of sleep. So what is actually going on in reality? For more information see our previous post on Why Do I Have Trouble Sleeping?

So how do I Sleep Better in 30 Minutes?

Baby Napping

As well as the tips and tricks that we shared in the previous post, you can utilise the powerful effects of the audio podcast below. As an addition to my current studies in my MSc Course in Chiropractic at Bournemouth University, I have been taking a course in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Clinical Hypnotherapy combines the skills of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (which addresses the conscious mind) and hypnosis (which addresses the subconscious mind. This dual-edged approach towards tackling problems, creates solutions to get us to where we want to be in life.

Using these skills I have created a short, guided hypnotic podcast specifically designed to help you to habituate to a stronger sleep cycle and to sleep like a baby. It includes a blend of hypnosis with binaural beats to guide you slowly into lower and lower stages of sleep. It is best to listen to this with headphones or earphones to gain the full benefits from the podcast. If you are ready to start sleeping better and to get into a better sleep cycle pattern just hit play.

As you do not always have access to your computer at your bedside, this podcast is available for download via the iTunes Store under Podcasts. Click the button below or access the Podcast via your smart phone’s Podcasts App by searching for “Nottingham Chiropractor”.

Available on iTunes
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Podcasts app

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