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Your First Visit with Our Nottingham Chiropractor

In your New Patient Assessment we will find out what’s wrong with you and determine a suitable treatment plan. This plan is designed to resolve your symptoms by addressing the source of the problem and not just temporarily relieving the pain.

My first visit and interaction with the Chiropractor and his staff have been a pleasant experience and I am hopeful and very positive that there will be a good outcome… I will be having regular chiropractic care from now on.Anthony B.

Your First Visit – A 30 Minute Appointment

The following will take place during the visit:
Nottingham chiropractor welcomes you - paperwork photo.

Your History

Completing forms to describe your problem/pain and its history together with general health matters.

The Consultation

A full discussion of your problem to ascertain the cause.

The Chiropractic Examination – What we will examine

  • Spinal/Vertebra Joints
  • Other Joints (Shoulders, hips, knees etc)
  • Measurement of ranges of movements to measure what we can improve
  • Muscle imbalances
  • Sources of pain and damage
  • Orthopaedic and neurological tests

Posture Screen Analysis

Computer generated images to enable the Chiropractor to determine your body/spine Imbalances.


An analysis of all of the above to assess your suitability for treatment and determine an appropriate course of treatment

Your Second Visit A 30 Minute Appointment

The following will take place during the visit:


What has been found and whether & how it will be treated.

Treatment Plan

How many visits you will need for best long term results and relief.


Obtaining your agreement to start treatment

The First Treatment

It is nearly always possible to start treatment on the second visit.
Occasionally and rarely spinal imaging (eg MRI Scan) is recommended before starting treatment

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