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Nottingham Chiropractor | Children

Jenna, November 2017

I feel like I’ve improved a lot!

I am 11 (nearly 12) years old, I play in two bands and go to Trent College. I’ve been coming to The Nottingham Chiropractor for 3 years and feel like i’ve improved a lot. I can’t even imagine what I was like before being treated, but as I look back I realise it was bad.

I feel like I can stand straighter (taller) and I can now walk without orthotics or pains in the arches of my feet or in my knees. I always feel relaxed after my treatment too.

Caitlin, May 2016

Caitlin, May 2016

I can walk pain free!

I am 12 years old and have had problems with my knees. I struggled to walk without a limp and also had back pain. The pain interfered with my sleep and limited what I could do around the house and at school.

After following my treatment plan, I can now walk without a limp or pain and am much more flexible.

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