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Fast & Easy Weight Loss in Nottingham

Dean…lost 35lbs, Jamie…lost 10lbs, Julie…lost 6lbs, Andrew…lost 14lbs, Wayne…lost 7lbs, Bev…lost 7lbs, Martin…lost 21lbs in 10 weeks, Mark…lost 28lbs, Kerry…lost 14lbs, Stuart…lost 16lbs in 6 weeks, Ruth…lost 16lbs in 18weeks.



Discover how to burn your belly fat quickly.

The Science of Exercise and Nutrition:

The Accelerated Fat Burning Introduction Talk

Key Dates 2013

Fat Loss That Works

Want to lose weight and be slim for good? Want to stop food cravings? Worried about your weight? Worried about eating the wrong food? Want to feel younger and have more energy again?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you need to know that firstly it is important to understand how fat loss works. Because if you don’t you, you will find it difficult to consistently get rid of fat. If you do understand how fat loss works, then you can get rid of unwanted fat much faster.

accelerated fat burning
I have researched the latest science behind many of today’s different diet and exercise styles and have created a complete diet and exercise program, so that eating and exercise is simple to understand, natural and very easy to apply to your life. You will be able to start losing fat and get back into shape from day one.



This year I will be holding In-House talks on  “Accelerated Fat Burning”  (see 2013 Events Calendar above). Click the video below to watch a free preview:

The “Accelerated Fat Burning” Talk Topics

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  • The secrets of how to lose weight effortlessly without gaining it back again
  • The types of food (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) that help you to lose fat and stay healthy
  • Food myths: so-called “bad” food you can eat that is actually good for you!

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  • The latest little-known anti-aging tips
  • How to get the healthy physique that you want
  • Exercise myths: what fitness instructors and doctors aren’t telling you
  • The truth on saturated fats and cholesterol

molecular picture

  • How to reprogram your genes (epigenetics) to burn fat and keep your muscle
  • The foods that will help you to take control of your cravings for good
  • Why fad diets lead to increased weight gain long-term 
  • A new take on calorie counting; why “eat less, exercise more” is now redundant

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I have spent hundreds of hours researching the latest complicated nutrition and exercise science and broken it down into easily digestible fact bites that can be applied as soon as you leave the talk.





“Accelerated Fat Burning” Introduction Talk


(See 2013 Events Calendar above)


Nottingham Chiropractor, 178 Loughborough Road, Ruddington, Nottingham, NG11 6LF

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Fantastic talk. I have learnt lots from it. Since going to the talk I have been following the diet and have lost 6lbs! I found the talk to be very useful. Thank you.” – Julie Shepherd

Eye opening!” – Dean Monks

Very informative and surprising. Definitely want to try it. Thank you.” – Beverley

“The talk was very thought provoking and made lots of sense.” – Nigel Langley

“Very informative and I have learnt a lot about controlling my cholesterol.” – Jean Higman

“This is the second time I have been to the talk, it is better the second time and sinks in a little more. I need to think differently. – Sue Meadowcroft

Very informative and has opened our eyes to a new way of life. We look forward to the next 6 months. This is our second talk and Carolyn has lost 4 pounds in 4 weeks! – Chris & Carolyn Barnett

Received lots of information that I haven’t heard of before that I think will help me with a lot with my diet, and has also changed my knowledge on what types of food are good for me. – Laura Scott

Interesting! I will seriously consider joining the programme to raise my fitness and health levels. – Adrienne Holland

Very informative, lots of information to take away, I am keen to take away the ideas and try them out. – Jon Madin

Very interested in the information and suitably enlightened! – Nick Milton

I found the talk very informative and I feel this is achievable with planning. I am certainly going to give it a go! – Teresa Scutt

Testimonials from AFB Program Members

Overall I have felt less hungry than at any other time in my life that I can recall.  To date I have shed around 1 and a half stone. I have found the intense exercise very useful to improve my overall fitness and wellbeing. – Martin Breakwell

The information is compelling and comprehensive and should be available from the NHS to assist people with obesity. It has been easy to adapt to and so far I have shed 7lb and feel better for it.  The aim is to drop another 7lb and I have no doubt that AFB will help me achieve it. – Paul Phillips


If you want to kickstart your fat burning today and would like to attend the presentation then please reply by clicking the email button at the top of the screen or call Bev on 0115 9743312 and reserve your seat as soon as possible as seats are limited.  You are also welcome to bring a guest.