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  • Judith

    I am now about 90% better than I was. It’s the first time I have been to see a Chiropractor and it’s the best thing I could have done.


Not all leg pain is sciatica. Pain in the legs can come from pressure on a nerve which can be pressure on the sciatic nerve or on many other nerves. Pain in the legs can also be what is called “referred” pain coming from joints, ligaments, and muscles around the low back and pelvis. Knowing the source is the key to finding the correct treatment plan.

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My acute pain has disappeared completely

Caroline, June 2016

Caroline, June 2016

I am a semi-retired teacher who started visiting the Nottingham Chiropractor because I was unable to bear weight on my right leg occassionally and was becoming anxious about walking long distances.

The acute pain has disappeared completely. My back definitely feels more flexible and my posture has improved. I have also been given good exercises to further strengthen my muscles, I never feel now as though my leg wouldn’t bear my weight. I have largely reached my goal but come every month to maintain my improved pain and mobility.




It’s the best thing I could have done

I have always been an active person. I love gardening, walking our dog and I go dancing once a week. I am retired now but my working life was 27 years sales assistant and seven years cleaning at the university.

Having suffered 6 weeks of severe pain in my leg and back 24-7 which the doctor diagnosed as “Sciatica” I was desperate to get some relief. I came to see Dr Sanders and found the treatment and information he gave me was much more than my general practitioner could have ever done.

I am now about 90% better than I was. It’s the first time I have been to see a Chiropractor and it’s the best thing I could have done. I have still a little way to go but the relief from the constant pain is a joy.

I Am Walking Better Already

I cannot tell you how different, positive and amazing I feel. I could feel tears in my eyes instilled by the very professional and knowledgeable Dr. Sanders. I absolutely have 100% faith that he is going to be able to help me walk properly again. I have had my very first visit/consultation today and with a little spinal manipulation, I am walking better already, without any significant limp. The pain has gone and I am smiling. I went straight to my worried (about me) 89 year old mother to tell her the good news! I have already chosen to book a block of 12 further visits as per Dr. Sanders’ recommended treatment plan. I am buzzing! Looking forward to getting my life back as an able bodied person. Thank you Dr. Sanders your envied reputation goes before you.

Julie D.

No more pain