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77% of our patients report at least 50% improvement

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Headache and Migraine relief in Nottingham

Headaches and Migraines

Low back pain relief in Nottingham

Low Back Pain

Neck pain relief in Nottingham

Neck Pain

Disc pain relief in Nottingham


Knee Pain Relief In Nottingham

Knee pain

Shoulder pain relief in Nottingham

Shoulder Pain

Sciatica / Leg Pain Relief in Nottingham

Sciatica / Leg Pain

Hip Pain Relief in Nottingham

Hip Pain

Chest Pain in Nottingham

Chest Pain

Pins and Needles relief in Nottingham

Pins and Needles

Children relief in Nottingham


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  • Brian H. thumbnail

    Explained the results of my report thoroughly and clearly.

    - Brian H.
  • Jacqueline A. thumbnail

    Extremely professional, very courteous, and I was very pleased with the ethos of the practice and the holistic nature of the treatment given.

    - Jacqueline A.
  • Jason M. thumbnail

    Very professional service.

    - Jason M.
  • Guisela M. thumbnail

    Was surprised by the length of the first appointment and the way I had everything explained. He was very good.

    - Guisela M.
  • Alan P. thumbnail

    Very good experience. On time and very friendly.

    - Alan P.
  • Michaela B. thumbnail

    Offer a great service and made me feel very welcome. I’ve already passed your number on to some of my clients. I feel in good hands as it’s not every day you let someone near your spine. Very confident and can’t wait till my next appointment.

    - Michaela B.
  • Rebecca L. thumbnail

    Very impressed so far. Can always get an appointment when I want one and Dr. Bryan has offered lots of helpful advice, ladies on reception are welcoming too!

    - Rebecca L.
  • Mal thumbnail

    I visit the chiropractor regularly – sometimes quite frequent visits (at times of particular pain) to manage my problem in a way no area of the NHS could.

  • Ashley D. thumbnail

    I felt very comfortable and at ease during my initial visit. The receptionist was very pleasant and friendly. Everything was explained clearly at the consultation of what was wrong and the consequences of this. The treatment process was explained along with the expected outcomes. I should of used this practise earlier.

    - Ashley D.
  • Sally O thumbnail

    A feeling that all was not lost In my fight to be free of pain

    - Sally O
  • Terence M. thumbnail

    I was very impressed with the friendly and professional service. I feel very confident about my treatment and my eventual progress toward improving my health and movement.

    - Terence M.
  • Lynda L. thumbnail

    Superb and caring all round service to patients.

    - Lynda L.
  • Jen K. thumbnail

    Very professional, helpful and supportive environment. The assessment was eye opening!

    - Jen K.
  • Elizabeth T. thumbnail

    Very professional and friendly.

    - Elizabeth T.
  • Caroline S. thumbnail

    I liked the fact that Bryon listened carefully to my symptoms and explained everything clearly. I left really hopeful that Bryon would be able to help me.

    - Caroline S.
  • Sonia B. thumbnail

    After my first treatment, I had the best nights sleep in months. Thank you.

    - Sonia B.
  • Paul C. thumbnail

    Professional and courteous.

    - Paul C.