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New Patient Consultation (30 mins)

Adults: £60

Children (5-17 years): £40

Consultation, Spinal & Joint Health Assessment, Computerised Posture Analysis.


New Patient Report Of Findings (20 mins)

Adults: £35

Children (5-17 years): £25

Report of Findings, Treatment Plan & Initial Treatment.

Chiropractic Treatment

Adults: £35 per visit

Children (5-17 years): £25 per visit

Chiropractic Course of Treatment (Adult)

One payment for 12 visits: (-15%) £357

One payment for 6 visits: (-10%) £189

It is important for you to understand that you may require more or less sessions than a course provides, so they can be renewed or, if you discontinue, the visits can be used at a later date. You may also request a refund for unused sessions in which event the fee status for visits used is £35.

K-Laser Therapy

Adults: £40 per visit

Children (5-17 years): £30 per visit

Course of 6 treatments: £204 (-15%)

20 minute Re-Assessment

If you have not been to the clinic for 6 months, book in for a re-assessment and treatment (20 minutes appointment).

Adults: £35

Children (5-17 years): £25 per visit