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“I have been working with patients of all ages with many and varied problems for 15 years.

Many conditions causing pains throughout the body have been successfully treated including ‘trapped nerves’, arthritic joints, headaches and migraines, back pain, sciatica, shoulder and hip problems, and many, many more.

Dr Bryon Sanders, Nottingham Chiropractor

Learn How Your Body Really Works With Our Nottingham Chiropractor

Dr. Bryon Sanders

Dr. Bryon Sanders

Chiropractic’s approach looks at spinal disorders as a prime source of disturbance to the nervous system. The goal is to correct abnormal joint movement patterns, principally in the spine and pelvis so that the body can return to normal function.

To this end a new patient gets a full ‘MOT’ examination and a full explanation of the cause of their particular problem.

“Everything in the body, all its parts, are interconnected. Our skeleton is more than just a bony cage, our muscles are more than just pulleys, our nerves are more than just wiring.

My goal is to restore normal alignment and remove distortions in the body which will take pain away in the short term and prevent you wearing out prematurely in the long term.”

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